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Mexican Women Profiles #19


469 MEMBERS ONLY A #1901
21, 5'5, 121
Country: Oaxaca, Mexico
Profession: School Administrator / Some English 
Interests: Cooking, walking, movies and music.
Self Description: "I am a very loving and tender young woman. I am faithful, loyal, very caring and romantic and I have one son 3 years old. I am hoping to meet a kind and gentle man 30 to 45 who loves children, is faithful and will love me forever


440 MEMBERS ONLY #1904
19, 5'4, 101
Country: Zacatecas, Mexico
Profession: Psychology Student / English ?
Interests: Cooking, cultural activities, art, flowers, music and reading.
Self Description: "I am a sensual, affectionate and very tender young woman. I am hoping to meet a mature man who has a stable life and job, has good moral values and is serious about starting a loving, lifelong relationship."


535 MEMBERS ONLY #1907
28, 5'5, 130
Country: Morelia, Mexico
Profession: Business Administrator / Good English
Interests: Theater, movies, sports and going to the countryside.
Self Description: "I am a compassionate, understanding and loyal woman and I have one child 13 years old. I am looking to meet my special man who is educated, sincere, affectionate, has good feelings and who is seeking a loving and tender lady


332 MEMBERS ONLY #1902
23, 5'6, 12
Country: Morelia,Mexico
Profession: Secretary / Some English
Interests: Hiking, going to the beach and being with nature.
Self Description: "I am a veru sensual, affectionate and loving young woman. I am seeking to meet a man 22 to 40 who is gentle, loving and who can accept all the love I have to give him."


331 MEMBERS ONLY #1905
19, 5'5, 121
Country: Tijuana, Mexico
Profession: Optometrist / Good English
Interests: Ping-Pong, swimming, taking walks and enjoying the outdoors.
Self Description: "I am a happy, hardworking, organized, loyal and tender lady. I have one child six years old. I am hoping to meet a man who is gentle, kind, sincere and will accept the tender love we have to give him


351 MEMBERS ONLY #1908
29, 5'3, 132
Country: Cozumel, Mexico
Profession: Marketing Director / Good English
Interests: Cooking, going to the mountains and enjoying all nature, music and dancing.
Self Description: "I am an energetic, loving, honest and simple lady with a wonderful 7 year old son. I am seeking a man 35 to 48 who is stable and has no bad vices."


250 MEMBERS ONLY #1903
24, 5'2, 110
Country: Acapulco, Mexico
Profession: Systems Engineer / English ?
Interests: Cooking, going to the beach, reading and listening to good music.
Self Description: "I am a responsible, loving and sincere single mom with a beautiful daughter. I am hoping to meet a romantic, tender and affectionate man who wants to start a beautiful family and be a father to my daughter and our future children


798 MEMBERS ONLY  #1906
26, 5'3, 120
Country: Chihuahua, Mexico
Profession: Attorney / English ?
Interests: Swimming, cooking, movies, music and dancing.
Self Description: "I am an intelligent, patient, sensitive and sensual lady. I am looking for a man with good feelings who is gentle, romantic and stable. Age does not matter as long as he has good moral values and does not lie."


736 MEMBERS ONLY #1909
26, 5'5, 12
Country: Campeche, Colombia
Profession: Marketing Student / Good English
Interests: Sports, enjoying nature and going to the movies.
Self Description: "I am an energetic, loving, affectionate and sensitive lady with high moral values. I am seeking a man who is stable, has a wonderful sense of humor with no bad vices and is serious about making a lifetime commitment

Mexican Women Profiles #20

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